Jun Kiln Round Blue Ceramic Teapot

300 mL

A round Jun Kiln ceramic teapot with striking blue glaze and a large body that allows a tea to expand while steeping.


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The striking blue glaze has shades of light to deep blue with accents of warm brown around the mouth, lid, and spout of the teapot. The rounded body of the teapot tapers to a small foot that adds dimension to its shape. It is the perfect size to share multiple steeps with others or to steep a large cup of tea at a time. The entire teapot is glazed and has a dark blue glazed interior. This pot has a built-in strainer bulb behind the spout to filter tea leaves without clogging.

This teapot has slightly thick walls, which help control the heat of the tea as it steeps. It can be used to make any type of tea, especially more aromatic teas like Anxi wulongs, Wuyi rock wulongs like Ba Xian (Eight Immortals), and black teas like Anji Hong.

The Jun Kiln of the Song Dynasty was one of the five great kilns (五大名窯), along with the Ru Kiln (汝窯), Guan Kiln (官窯), Ding Kiln (定窯), and Ge Kiln (哥窯). The Jun Kiln was known for its unique multi-colored blue glazes with hints of purple, and the forms of its ceramics. Over the years, more teaware has continued to be made in the style of pieces from the kiln.

Kiln: Jun Kiln (Jun Yao; 均窑)
Material: Clay
Capacity: 300 mL
Dimensions: 15 x 8.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 235g

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