Large Lotus Pond Yixing Teacup

160 mL

A large and sturdy unglazed clay tea cup with a tranquil lotus pond scene on its exterior.


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This Yixing teacup is larger than ordinary tasting cups. There is no glaze and the image of a lotus pond is applied to its surface with ink. The shape of the cup is called a “大缸杯“ cylinder cup, and the special design of the lip will reduce the overflow of tea when drinking tea.

  • Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Clay: Hong ni (红泥) – Unglazed red Yixing clay
  • Capacity: 160mL

About Yixing Clay

Yixing clay from Yixing County is prized for its high levels of iron, which holds heat and is said to improve flavor.

Unglazed Yixing clay absorbs aromas and flavors easily, and the tea you make in it seasons it over time. To keep within a similar flavor profile, most people dedicate a specific teapot or teacup for just one type of tea, like rock wulong or sheng puer.

To clean, just rinse your cup off with boiling water. Avoid washing with soap.

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