Persimmon Easy Gaiwan Porcelain Travel Tea Set

200 mL / 40 mL

A persimmon-patterned compact 4-piece porcelain travel tea set that comes with an easy gaiwan for simple brewing and 3 matching cups that stack inside the gaiwan for a small footprint. Comes with a zippered carrying case.


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The easy gaiwan has a series of small holes in the lid that form an easy-to-use strainer that filters your tea leaves as you pour. The set comes with three small cups for either personal service or sharing.

The colorful ripe persimmons on the sides of this tea set are a benevolent symbol representing a desire for all your wishes to come true and for all things to go well for you.

Material: Glazed porcelain
Capacity: 200 mL gaiwan / 40 mL cups