Suet Jade Gongfu Porcelain Teacup

50 mL

A very small teacup with a fluted lip. The soft white suet jade porcelain easily shows the true color of your tea. Perfect for gongfu brewing.


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This teacup matches the Small Suet Jade Porcelain Gaiwan, and together they make a set with everything you need for a gongfu tea session. In traditional Chaozhou-style gongfu service, tea is served from the gaiwan into three small tasting cups.

Suet jade porcelain has a richness to its color that conveys warmth with its light cream tint. It uses a special glaze recipe that is fired at a very high temperature in the kiln. The result is an unusual shade of white that is soft instead of stark and a finish that is incredibly smooth and buttery-soft to the touch.

  • Origin: Dehua Kiln (德化窯), Fujian Province
  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Capacity: 50mL