The Ten Famous Teas of China

A sampler of China's most revered teas

A sampler for those seeking the best of the best, the historic, and the rare.

Ten-gram samples of each of the Ten Famous Teas of China.


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Each tea in this sampler represents an entry on the Zhong Guo Shi Da Ming Cha (中国十大名茶) or “The Ten Famous Teas of China” – a list that has been published in various forms throughout the modern history of Chinese tea.

These are historic and notable teas from a diversity of tea-growing regions and styles, including green, black, white, yellow, wulong, Pu’er and scented tea. A number of them were at one time reserved as tribute to the imperial court. Each selection in this sampler is intended to give you a gold-standard example of the flavors that put these teas on the map.

Includes 10 grams (2 servings) each of every tea. Total 100 grams tea. Each serving of leaves can be re-infused multiple times.

The selections included in the tea sampler are listed below. Click on the names of each tea to learn more about their origin and processing style.

Please note that packaging materials and tea may change from that pictured according to available stock.

The Ten Famous Teas of China Sampler

  1. Shifeng Longjing (Shifeng Dragon Well) Green Tea
  2. Bi Luo Chun (Spring Green Spiral) Green Tea
  3. Mountain Forest Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea
  4. Lu’an Gua Pian (Sunflower Seed) Green Tea
  5. Junshan Yinzhen (Junshan Island Needle) Yellow Tea
  6. Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle) White Tea
  7. Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Wulong Tea
  8. Qimen Caixia (Sunrise Keemun) Black Tea
  9. Youle Huangshancha (Youle Forest Tea) Sheng Puer Tea
  10. Bi Tan Piao Xue (Snow Drop Jasmine) Scented Green Tea