Yellow Lotus Pond Xishi Duan Ni Yixing Teapot

270 mL

A classic Xishi style Yixing teapot in fine yellow duan ni clay. Lightly carved with a simple design of a lotus blossom rising from the leaves, with a small bird perching on its stem. The carved design and accompanying calligraphy have been sparingly filled in with muted red for an elegant contrast.


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The simple, contemplative design of a single lotus bud rising from the leaves in a pond spans one side of the pot and trails onto the lid, where the flower bud hovers with closed petals, about to bloom. A small water bird perches on the lotus bud’s long stem.

This Yixing teapot’s beautiful, bright yellow duan ni clay has a dynamic smooth yet grainy texture, enhanced by its round shape and simple design. Speckles of lighter and darker grains of clay can be seen throughout the clay of the pot.

This teapot is a fine example of the classic Xishi “beautiful lady” style, which has a very round shape with a short spout and an “upside down” handle that is narrower at the top than at the base.

Note: Only one of these teapots is available.

  • Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Clay: Duan ni (段泥) – Unglazed yellow Yixing clay
  • Capacity: 270mL