Yixing Peeing Boy


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This little figurine is used by the Chinese for judging the temperature of water, much like a thermometer. This is a much more fun way to check to see if your water is hot enough. Pure, unglazed yixing clay is molded into the shape of a hollow little boy monk. Back in the old days, it was the young monk’s job in the temples to make tea. When you use Yixing Peeing Boy, pour hot water on the outside first. Quickly submerge him in room temperature water for about an hour. When he is done soaking, he will be much heavier since he is now full of water. Place him on a table or tray and pour boiling water over his head. Yixing Peeing Boy will begin to “urinate.” If the stream reaches about 2 feet, it means that your water is boiling or very hot. If he does not pee very far, the water is either not very hot or he doesn’t have enough water in his belly.

According to Chinese tea culture, tea is the bridge from the stresses in life to laughter. Tea culture can be very serious and professional, but also can be a silly and joyous experience. Most people don’t need tea an official ceremony everyday, they want to have fun and relax. Let tea accompany you everyday, and allow Yixing Peeing Boy to bring a little laughter to this experience.