Indian Financial Express Looks At Chinese Teahouses

It is very interesting to me to see an Indian business publication talking about the new success that is coming to China in the way of an ancient business model, the tea house. There is a little bit of irony here since the Indian tea business is in crisis. Last year when I was in China the big talk was about the new business relationships being formed between China and India. There was talk that India was going to sell tea to China, which seemed pretty unlikely to me. Could it be that high end teahouses with Chinese tea could pop up in India. I think that is more likely to happen. Chinese teahouses are very popular in Japan. I think it is also likely that the Indian tea business will start looking to China to teach them some tea production techniques for making green and oolong tea. It also would not surprise me to see Chinese business men buying a few plantations in Assam, and using some of that Assam leaf for the production of Puer. After all, the Camellia Sinensis Assamica, made it’s way to India down the old Horse Silk Road, also known as the Burma Road from Yunnan.