Green Tea, Computers, Environmental Engineering

Yet Another Benefit of Green Tea

Last Saturday an amazing man came into our tea house, Dr. John Lombardi of Ventana Research here in Tucson, Arizona. Having spent a lot of time being amazed by tea culture, Dr. Lombardi has added another AMAZING piece to that culture. He has developed a biodegradable machining that keeps the heads of a hard drive from crashing into the disk using green tea. When I heard about this I was floored. Dr. Lombardi became aware that green tea stained tea cups, a big problem for tea houses, no one like to be served tea in a dirty looking, stained white cup. In fact not many things can stain like tea. It will bind to most materials tenaciously. Dr. Lombardi reasoned that green tea contained properties that would help a machining fluid bind to and remove tiny particles from the surface of the ceramic read/write heads, being machined to exacting dimensions, to reduce the defects in the finish. Wow! [“The engineering requirement for a computer magnetic read-write head is similar to flying a Boeing 747 jet airliner at full throttle a few inches above the ground.” – Donald Zipperian, Chief Technical Officer at Pace Technologies, Tucson, Ariz.] It maybe that these kind of compounds can be used to clean up the environment as well. Kudos to Dr. Lombardi. Hey! Wouldn’t a nice Keemun stain better? There are so many interesting research projects that are going on here in Tucson with tea. Tucson??