The Canadian Tea Guild and Single-Origin Chocolate Pairings

 Visited by the Tea Guild of Canada


We were visited today by Carol Ann Savage, one of the founders of the Tea Guild of Canada. The Tea Guild members are tea enthusiasts that have organized to provide tea education in Canada and have already certified over 40 tea sommeliers. Carol Ann is an old friend and customer who accompanied Zhuping on a tour of China in 2009.

She brought some great chocolate with her. They are single-origin chocolates made by Soma Chocolate’s in Toronto.  They have a great site, and some of their truffles are really unbelievable.  They source the cocoa beans themselves. Carol Ann is a wulong lover and the Guild is doing a tasting where they are pairing chocolate with some of our teas. If you are lucky enough to live in Toronto, don’t miss it. We had a preview today, and our taste buds were certainly enjoying themselves.


Update: I made a mistake in giving the Tea Guild of Canada all of the credit in certifying 40 tea sommeliers. The credit also goes to The Tea Association of Canada. Still it is great to know that there are people learning about tea in Toronto, and I hope to hear that they can find jobs in the better restaurants and tea shops of Canada.