It’s time to take a pause.

Newsletter Archive Dec. 23, 2022

Two women in hats and smocks standing in a bank of tea bushes, showing the viewer the handfuls of bright green leaves they’ve just plucked.

The cold weather, the long nights, the holidays – now is when all the signs are telling us to take a pause. But really, most of us are rushing and working as much as ever. We crank away under year-end deadlines and crises, the peak hospitality season, and the holiday shuffle.

We live within this contradiction, but we still hope you’ll manage to take a moment out (perhaps with a cup of tea?) and just exist.

If you’d like some tea for that “moment out”, we’ve got a recommendation. This weekend, you can put your feet up and enjoy some of our best selling green teas, Ming Qian Anji Baicha and Yu Qian Anji Baicha, as well as their malty, strawberry-hued sibling, Anji Hong black tea.

All are three teas from the same producer, Yu Shunhu, and each is made from the dulcet and soothing amino-acid rich leaves of Anji County’s prized pale-leaf cultivar, Baiye #1. The difference between them? Simply their harvest time and processing technique. Sample all three for some fun comparative tasting or just take your pick and enjoy. Because, holy cow, you deserve a moment of rest and good cheer and a nice cuppa.

Close-up of the wet tea leaves in a drained white gaiwan, showing lovely dark golden brown tones with hints of green.
The appropriately caramel-colored leaves of the lightly sweet and honeyed Anji Hong.

Admittedly, at Seven Cups we’re caught in the year-end drift ourselves – so much so that we’re already three weeks overdue with an important message.

Way back on December 3rd, we were honored to have you, the community, show up and give our new teahouse a proper grand opening. Your cheers, in person or in spirit, woke up the lions and the dragons that day. And true to the mythology, the dragons brought our first winter rain – a blessing as real as they come in the desert. Thank you once again for being there for us. It means the world to us.

Please note that extended hours at the teahouse will end after this weekend, however we’ll be open for our usual schedule of 11am – 6pm every day except Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Wishing everyone a safe and cheerful holiday weekend.

A few dozen people smiling in front of the new mural on the side of the new teahouse.
Seven Cups’ founders, staff, ribbon cutters, and old friends at the new teahouse opening ceremony.