Jun Kiln Blue Easy Gaiwan Travel Tea Set

200 mL / 45 mL

A simple and complete travel tea set in the swirling blue style of Jun Kiln.


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Designed to easily brew loose leaf tea on hikes, picnics, or when traveling away from home. This set includes a spouted easy gaiwan, three cups, and a molded carrying case.

The striking dappled blue-on-black pattern of its Jun Kiln glaze is made by painting multiple layers of glaze and using many natural metal oxide pigments to make different layered colors. The ceramic is fired at a very high temperature that is very carefully controlled to let the glaze gently flow down the sides of the cup like a stream of water, creating dense feathered visuals.

  • Kiln: Jun Kiln (Jun Yao; 均窯)
  • Material: Glazed ceramic
  • Capacity: Gaiwan 200mL, Cups 45mL