Longquan Celadon Lotus Porcelain Tea Set

250 mL / 215 mL / 60 mL

A complete gongfu tea set, made entirely in Longquan-style celadon with six matching cups, a teapot, a pitcher, a tea filter and filter stand.


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This set of matching celadon pieces is in the Longquan Kiln style.

The set is made for gongfu brewing style. The idea of gongfu tea is to make a good cup of tea through patience and practice of technique. Gongfu tea brewing often uses gaiwan or a small pot to make multiple, fully flavored cups of tea from one batch of tea leaves. Those small pots can be Chaozhou Zhuni pots, Yixing purple sand pots, or porcelain pots, like this one.

There is both a filter inside the pot as well as a standalone mesh filter that fits over the included pitcher. This pitcher (also called a fairness cup) helps cool your tea and creates an even taste from each infusion. With six small cups included, all you need is good tea, good water, and good company and you’ll be practicing your gongfu.

Style: Longquan  celadon (龍泉青)
Material: Glazed porcelain
Capacity: Pot 250mL, Pitcher 215mL, Cups 60mL