Ru Kiln Dou Qing Easy Gaiwan Travel Tea Set

200 mL / 50 mL

A refined travel tea set in palest yellow-green Ru Yao glaze. It comes with everything you need to make tea on the go with a self-straining easy gaiwan, three teacups, a matching tea caddy, and a miniature tea towel, all in a padded leather carrying case.


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This matching 5-piece travel tea set is made in the heavy yet refined style of Ru Yao ceramics. The thick glaze has a distinctive silken finish that is slightly matte and super smooth to the touch. This particular shade of palest yellow-green is known as Dou Qing “bean green,” reminiscent of the skin of fresh beans.

The easy gaiwan has a series of small holes in the lid that form an easy-to-use strainer that filters your tea leaves as you pour. The set comes with three small cups for either personal service or sharing, as well as a matching tea caddy with a cork to safely carry a small amount of tea leaves for your trip.

The whole set packs away safely in a well-padded leather carrying case with a zipper and handle that will protect your tea goods while in transit. A handsome gift for the tea lover on the go.

Style: Ru Kiln (Ru Yao; 汝窯)
Material: Glazed ceramic
Capacity: 200 mL gaiwan / 40 mL cups