Tribute Tea Sampler

Our Best Teas of Each Type

Six of our best loose-leaf teas. An excellent introduction to fine Chinese teas, and a perfect gift for tea lovers seeking both high quality and variety.


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For those seeking the best of the best, we offer our high-end Tribute Tea Sampler. These six nutrient-rich teas are all made from the youngest pluckings of tea buds and leaves from early spring. Tribute teas like these were originally reserved exclusively for the emperor. Includes 10 grams (2 servings) each of every tea. Total 60 grams tea. Each serving of leaves can be re-infused multiple times.

Every season, we update the selection of teas included in the sampler. While the teas may change, you can always expect choices to be from the best of our catalog and representative of the broad variety of styles found in Chinese tea.

The selections included in the tea sampler are listed below. Click on the names of each tea to learn more about their origin and processing style.

Please note that packaging materials and tea may change from that pictured according to available stock.

Tribute Tea Sampler 2019

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) 2019 White Tea

Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha (First Pluck An Ji) 2019 Green Tea

Mo Gan Huang Ya (Mo Gan Yellow Buds) 2019 Yellow Tea

Yin Hao Long Zhu (Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls) 2019 Scented Green Tea

Dian Hong Jin Ya (Golden Buds) 2019 Black Tea

Zi Juan Gong Ting (Purple Leaf Palace Puer) 2018 Shu Puer Tea