Dark Chocolate & Green Tea

The incidence of cancer in today’s human population is on such an alarming increase that the word “exponential” barely does it justice. It’s no surprise then that medical researchers are continuously on the look-out for food which has the greatest potential for disarming the environmental, dietary and genetic dispositions that lead to cancer. Why are they focusing on food? Because food is medicine that you take everyday.

Fine Chinese tea and high-quality dark chocolate are two of those foods that you should be consuming on a daily basis say some research journal articles. Just as green and white tea have had a lot of press lately, it would appear that dark chocolate is getting more press than other chocolates. This makes sense since dark chocolate is the most unadulterated, most commonly palatable form of cacao – the South American fruit which is the actual source of the good stuff. Less is more, yet again. In fact, if you must have a twist of lemon with your morning Tai Ping Hou Kui, might I recommend you have it along with your dark chocolate instead. And maybe make it a lime.

What the media is saying:

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We know Dark Chocolate like we know fine Chinese tea!

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