Tea Mail – July 2005

Just as things begin to take shape here at Seven Cups – our weblog coming online , office reorganization, continuing improvement of our site content, great new teas arriving with even more exciting tea to come, etc. – I’m on my way back to China. I’d like to say a bit for the newsletter before I go.This year we have been able to lower the prices for most of our teas. We’ve done so after opening an office in Guangzhou, China which lowers the cost of exporting Seven Cups Fine Chinese Tea. We naturally pass these savings on to our customers with the hope that more people will be able to enjoy truly unique and outstanding Chinese tea. We have also been working hard to extend the descriptions for our teas. Soon, these tea descriptions will be updated with harvest times, accurate provenance, and organic certification data. Providing our customers with this sort of honest, precise information is part of the rather revolutionary approach which makes Seven Cups utterly unique in the tea industry.

Seven Cups is drastically lowering prices on teas received in early 2004 from the 2003 harvest. The producer of this tea – the first Chinese producer to receive international organic certification – holds their tea in a dedicated climate-controlled warehouse which is custom-designed for retaining tea freshness. The tea is stored in vacuum-sealed foil-lined bags at a continuous 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as we received this tea, we monitored the freshness and holding conditions closely. Normally, we are unwilling to sell a tea that is more than a season or two old, depending on the variety. Few tea merchants disclose the harvest information for their teas, much less the storage conditions. Although this tea continues to have outstanding fragrance and flavor (our staff is nearly intoxicated whenever we open the vacuum-sealed bags), we are reducing these prices considerably without revoking our full-satisfaction guarantee.

To our many enthusiastic customers, we want to apologize for the recent string of shortages on your favorite teas. Our supply chain is continuously getting steadier. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated. Please continue to let us know if there is anything you would like to see us improve in terms of our service or website. If you are interested in discussing true tea with other tea drinkers, we now have a weblog running on our site. Join a discussion or start a thread of your own. Through this blog we will be posting tea-related news and information so please keep an eye out. In August, Seven Cups will be featured in an article for China Business International. We’ll be sure to post a link.

We have been able to add some unique, rare and exceptional tea to our catalog this year, and we are very grateful for your support. Please check out our blog. We welcome your participation.