Spring 2006 in Northern Zhejiang

I just want to throw a little blurp in here about the early green tea harvest. It is shaping up to be a great year this year. Despite early warming followed by a dramatic cold snap, this year will have a robust harvest of early spring tea. Last year and the year before were just plain cold and the harvest suffered. Of course the tea will be expensive, but there should be no rise in price over last year. I brought an extra suitcase to get some back early for our customers that love that tea and can afford the luxury. I am doing so now through the kindness of lao pengyou (old friends). I am also eating some great food! I visited the largest indoor Buddha in a 1200 year old temple and said my prayers a midst incense rich rain, accompanied by the chiming of a huge bell. I’ll post some photos later. Now I have written through my jetlag at 3am and am going back to bed.