Treat yourself this Friday-Free Tea Tastings

Fine tea is far more than boiling water and a limp tea bag. Hand-harvested organic Chinese tea is a gourmet cultural experience.


Join us for a free tasting!  You can sample our teas for free any Friday from 3:00pm to 3:30pm at Seven Cups.  Each week we concentrate on a different set of teas in a guided session with Seven Cups’ staff.

Seven Cups Tucson 3:00-3:30 April 24th:  Keemun Tea Black Tea (Organic) 2008 (Breakfast, Premium and Spring Dawn)

Seven Cups Denver 3:00-3:30 April 24th:  A Jasmine and a Display Tea: A first at Seven Cups Denver, we will be tasting one of the flowering display teas. The Jasmine Fountain ball is a treat for the eyes and mouth, but has a much lighter taste than a standard jasmine, so we will follow it up with Jasmine Pearls so you can be sure to get your Jasmine fix!