Puer Tour Day Seven

In the morning Kevin, Tim, and Glen left for a party they had planned in Beijing, and we pointed our bus down the road to Lancang. The road was narrow and paved with stone. I’m sure that our bus will need some new shocks, when we finish our trip, after a day on that road. We stopped for lunch in small village and had a great meal complete with fish caught in the small river below. It is a tributary of the Lancang River that become the Mekong River when it crosses over into Vietnam. We did cross over the Lancang River at bit later as we drove along cliffs on a narrow road. We were surprised to see a big red truck coming down the road. We were able to pass each other with out either of us rolling down into the river. The scenery was breathtaking as was the ride. Our bones where pretty shook but we all agreed that the scenery was worth it.

We had an internet connection in Lancang and it was great to see the the rest of the world had continued on with minimal effect because of our not checking on it. We ended our day with a nice walk through the small town.

– Austin

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