Seven Cups Puer Cakes

We are proud to announce that we have produced with Cha Ma Si two puer cakes, one sheng (green or raw puer) cake, and one shu (black or cooked puer) cake. Although these cakes were many years in the making, which included a lot of study, traveling, and tasting, they were finished in winter of 2008 and we have received them a few weeks ago. Only 25% of the production run made it to America, the rest are on sale to collectors through Cha Ma Si inside of China. Cha Ma Sh is the leading family owned puer producer in Yunnan. There were 1000 cakes made of each type.  We strive to be tough competitors in sourcing the best Chinese teas. We certainly could never do it without the support of the Chinese tea community and in Yunnan with out the help of Cha Ma Si, who put education and quality foremost in their business values. We are proud to be their students. I hope you will enjoy these cakes and that you will add them to your collection.

– Austin

I want to remind you that our Mid-Autumn sale is still going on and it includes these cakes.