Seven Cups Green Tea Tour Day 4

The tour was in Yixing on the four day, famous for it’s earthenware tea pots. Yixing is on the northern edge of Tai Hu. Pottery has been found in this area dating back to 10,000 years ago. Yixing pots are constructed rather than made on a wheel. The clay is rich in iron and is porous and has tiny air pockets trapped in the clay, which absorbs the flavor of the tea over time and helps to  maintain heat during tea infusioning. These pots, as a result increase, in value with use, a well used old pot bringing very high prices by collectors. While the there they visit Zhou Li, an old friend and one of China’s premier artists and her husband, and also made it out the the kilns. Here are some photos.


Zhou LiZhou Li's StudentMr.ZhangYixing Clay MinersZhuping at The Dragon KilnThe Dragon KilnInside The Dragon Kiln