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Puer tour day 3

This morning we left for Yiwu Village after spending the night in the Yunnan Botanical Gardens. Our small bus blew out its clutch in the old city of Puer where we had stopped for dinner. We got another bus and drove to there Botanical Gardens and made it to bed around midnight. We had breakfast… // MORE

Puer tea tour day 2

We climbed on our bus this morning and headed south. At the end of the drive today we will be on the border of Laos, in a small village named Yiwu Village. Yiwu is one of the 6 famous mountains in the Xishuagnanna area. We had lunch in Ganzhuang, a small village, at a restaurant… // MORE

Puer tea tour day 1 continued

The day was spent at the airport and drinking tea at Cha Ma Si. Kevin, Glen, and Tim’s flight had been diverted to Mongolia because of weather and they missed the connecting flight to Kunming. They ended up on the same plane as Christine, Tim, David,and. Andy. The Tucson people’s baggage arrived late. Tim needed… // MORE

Another 4am morning on the puer tour

This is when jet lag gets me the first couple of days, predawn I’m wide awake. We spent last night going over the plans with Mr Hu and Mr We. Since this type of tour has never been done before, there are a lot of negotiations. Zhuping has already spent a lot of time in… // MORE

5am in Beijing – Puer Tour

I’ve come out of my twelve hour flight from LA feeling pretty good. I’m good for sleep on the plane. I got a bulk head seat which is even better, almost like having a business class seat. No movies and basic food but that’s ok too. Because of disease control we all had to have… // MORE

Leaving Tucson..Puer Tour

As much as I am excited to go, it is still hard to leave my family and the great staff at Seven Cups. My camera is in my suit case and my camera bag is stuffed with goodies, including a blueberry muffin from the Epic cafe here in Tucson. Thanks Mikel and Alex, and special… // MORE

Leaving for Yunnan

I’m backing up my macbook pro and collecting my cables for my trip to China. Alex is sitting worrying about whether or not I can post via email from my Blackberry with photos. Check this out Alex. Austin Best wishes Austin

Summer 2009 Puer Tea Tour Itinerary

DAY-BY-DAY ITINERARY Day 1 (7/6) Arrival in Kunming We’ll pick you up at the airport in Kunming. After your long trip, you’ll be ready for a relaxing break in a local teahouse, followed by a welcome dinner prepared especially for you. Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, sits at 6,207 feet. Our first night will… // MORE

Where's our Zhuper? And is that taped to his chest?

ZhuPing is working hard in China to source our tea and prepare for the Oolong Tea Tour.  We’re here back in Tucson missing her! Why am I smiling?  I didn’t get the memo.  We don’t understand the whole “memo” concept around here.  Our TPS reports will be forever without cover sheets. -Christine

Tea Tour – Dejing (Mo Gan Huang Ya) Yellow Tea

Waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the beautiful countryside past bamboo groves, we drove up Mo Gan mountain to visit with Mrs Wang Qiang Zhen and watch the Mo Gan Huang Ya (a rare yellow tea) process. The local TV station had arrived before us and was eager to film our reaction to the special tea process. One… // MORE