Bai Long Xu (White Dragon Whiskers)

50g Loose Leaf Sheng Puer 2014


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Tea Origin
Mo Jiang County, Southern Yunnan Province

Tea Bush
Southern Yunnan "Big Hair" ancient local tree

Tea Master
Li Dong

Harvest Time
Before April 5th

Picking Standard
1st grade -- Buds only

This is a loose-leaf tea made from nearly the same material that makes up the Bai Long Xu puer tea cakes in our catalog. The only difference is the age of this tea. Note that these buds were harvested in spring of 2014, while the buds that make up the cakes were plucked in 2016.

The buds are fresh, silver, and fuzzy. They yield a rich, sweet, and complex brew with an aroma like a bunch of fresh-picked flowers that is due in part to their high concentration of sweet-smelling amino acids. The color is a bright, light apricot color and the aroma will accompany you through the last cup. Puer tea drinkers of all types will find something to like about this tea.

The original mother bush used to make this tea grows at an elevation of 1,700 meters (more than 5,500 feet) in Yang Ta village. The mature leaves are large — 13-17 centimeters long and 5-8 centimeters wide. The tree itself grows from 3 to 5 meters tall and is easy to cultivate by cuttings, which has contributed to its spread.

The tree is strong and robust even through harsh winters, and produces unusually fat and evenly sized buds with lots of white down early in the spring. Since the Qing Dynasty, these buds have been picked and given to the Emperor under the name Bai Long Xu Gong Cha, or “White Dragon Whiskers Tribute Tea.” Buds for this cake are picked before the Qing Ming Festival around April 25th, just like high quality green tea.