Blue and White Porcelain Fish Teacup

50 mL

A small porcelain cup from Jingdezhen patterned with fish, lotus flowers, and reeds in the water.


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A small porcelain cup made in historic Jingdezhen. It’s hand-painted in the most traditional Chinese porcelain style of blue on white in patterns of fish, lotus flowers, and reeds in the water.

The sides of the cup taper upward into a wider mouth, creating a nice lip for tea to flow from. It rests nicely in the hand, and its small foot rests comfortably near the little finger. It feels small yet sturdy for everyday use.

Matches our Blue and White Fish Gaiwan.

Origin: Jingdezhen City (景德镇市), Jiangxi Province, China
Material: Porcelain
Capacity: 50 mL
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3.25 cm
Weight: 45g

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