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A Subscription Service for China's Rarest Teas

A year-long journey into teas that our producers consider their absolute best. Twelve deliveries, one for each month of 2021. You’ll receive different teas each month, personally selected by their makers.

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Seven Cups seeks out tea makers that we think are exceptional. Often it’s not just us who feel these tea makers are special — their industry peers and Chinese domestic customers do too. As result, some of the teas they make come in such limited quantities and fetch such extraordinary prices that it prevents us from bringing them into our regular catalog. We are, after all, a very small company with limited resources. Despite these constraints, it has always been our dream to bring these teas to you, our customers.

Providing a subscription service for a limited number of customers gives us the ability to realize this dream. We’d like to introduce you to Seven Cups’ Signature Tea Passport — a year-long journey into teas that our producers consider their absolute best.

Seven Cups’ Signature Tea Passport offers:

  • A delivery of tea each month for a calendar year. Each tea is personally selected by its maker as an item of personal pride, their masterwork of the season. The exact quantity of tea will vary depending on its individual constraints, but we’ve planned most deliveries to be about 50 grams of tea.
  • Accompanying each tea is a signed postcard from its maker, a token that both shares the enthusiasm each maker has for their craft and establishes the authenticity of these hard-to-get teas.
  • A dedicated monthly email newsletter with in-depth information about each selection and the people behind it.
  • A subscriber-only virtual tasting of each tea selection. This virtual tea tasting is hosted by Zhuping and Andrew. They will answer your questions and share their own notes, stories, and brewing tips.
  • Free delivery in the United States and Canada. Worldwide delivery is available with shipping costs calculated to your location.
    Postcards from Huangshan China, signed with personal wishes.
    Postcards from Huangshan China, signed with personal wishes.

An Extra Gift

If you sign up this inaugural year, you will get an extra gift from us. This is the first year we are offering this service and we want to make it extra special for those who commit to this journey with us.

In December, you will receive an eight-gram package of the original and authentic Jin Jun Mei, made by its inventor Mr. Liang Junde. Mr. Liang’s Jin Jun Mei commands higher prices than any other black tea in China and the world today. Its singular character is defined by its extremely limited source material (fresh buds for a single kilogram of this tea takes a skilled worker nearly three days to pick) and exacting skill — Mr. Liang and his son process each batch personally. Like all of the teas in the Signature Tea Passport, your Jin Jun Mei will come with a signed postcard from Mr. Liang.

Tea maker Liang Junde signing postcards, seated at a table and set against a white wall.
Tea maker Liang Junde, inventor of Jin Jun Mei black tea signing postcards from Fujian that subscribers will receive with his tea.

What kind of teas will I get?

In addition to Mr. Liang’s Jin Jun Mei, the list below represents a few of the teas we have lined up for next year. Deliveries will span all styles from green tea and black to wulong, white, and puer.

  • Huangshan Maofeng from a scattering of untended bushes in the highest mountain tea grove in She County, the birthplace of Huangshan Maofeng.
  • Guoli “National Gift” Qimen — the earliest Qimen black tea of the spring, meticulously plucked, processed and sorted by hand.
  • Biluochun from the very first flush of buds on the heirloom plants of Xishan Island, the authentic homeland of Biluochun.
  • A comparison of two versions of the earliest Anji Baicha of the season, one from the classic Baiye #1 cultivar and another from the experimental perennially-golden Huang Jin Ye cultivar.

The full list of selections will evolve with the 2021 season and will be determined by what each tea maker chooses as their best from the harvest.

Bright yellow tea leaves of the Huang Jin Ye variety held in a woven bamboo basket.
The brilliant yellow leaves from Anji Huang Jin Ye cultivar. This is one of the rare teas included in the subscription service.


How does registration work?

By its nature, this program is limited to a small number of registrants and will not be able to add registrations once deliveries start. Registration will close on December 20th, 2020, or when sold out, whichever comes sooner. All sales are considered final after December 20th, 2020.

Can this subscription be purchased as a gift?

Yes! When checking out, select “ship to a different address” and enter the recipient’s address.

Do you offer international shipping?

We are pleased to offer international shipping an additional flat rate of $250 ($19.23 / delivery). International orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail international service with a tracking number. Please select “International” above when ordering.

Please note that USPS unable to guarantee international delivery times due to COVID-19. For the current status on delays and suspensions of international delivery from the United States, please refer to this website.

How are my teas delivered?

Each delivery ships on the 15th of each month or next business day. Deliveries are sent by USPS with a 2-5 business day delivery time in the United States and 6-20 days internationally.

Your gift of Mr. Liang’s Jin Jun Mei will ship in December 2021 and your first official delivery for the Signature Tea Passport will ship in January 2021.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged once at the time of purchase. There are no recurring fees or automatic renewal.

Can I change my address during the year?

Kindly contact us and we will be glad to change your delivery address for you.

Tea bushes planted in terraces in a pristine valley in Fujian with a natural waterfall.