The Essentials Kit

Everything you need to start enjoying tea

For the budding enthusiast or the globe-trekking minimalist. This bundle has everything you need to enjoy loose-leaf tea—pot, cups, and leaves. Just add water.


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This bundle has everything you need to enjoy tea at home or on the go. It’s the ideal starter kit for the newcomer to loose-leaf tea, or a convenient travel set for the seasoned tea drinker who wants something simple and elegant to brew in and something good to put in it.

Get brewing with our beautiful Jun Kiln Blue Easy Gaiwan Travel Tea Set and 50 grams each of customer favorites Mengding Maofeng (Feather Peak) green tea and Jin Kongque (Golden Peacock) black tea. All of our loose-leaf teas can be steeped at least 4 times, so at 5 grams per serving, that’s over 80 brews! A $93 value bundle at a discount, no less.

The “easy gaiwan” brewing vessel has a strainer built into the lid to filter leaves while you pour it out. That means you can simply put your loose-leaf tea in the bowl to float freely inside, giving the leaves lots of room to open up in the water for the best flavor.