White Crane Yixing Teacup

150 mL

The intricate design on the side of this heavy cup depicts a crane taking flight between the canopies of two trees. This high-quality yixing teacup is made with red Zhu Ni clay. The denser clay conducts heat more effectively and helps control the temperature of your tea.

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The cup and the paint used to decorate it are made of naturally colored yixing clay. The tall, tapered sides helps concentrate and accentuate a tea’s aroma, especially floral Anxi Tieguanyin wulongs, lightly roasted Wuyi rock wulongs like Bai Ji Guan (White Rooster Crest), or floral and fruity black teas like Zui Qun Fang (Drunken Peach). The thicker walls keep your tea warm as you enjoy its layered flavor profile.

Origin: Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China
Clay: Zhu Ni (朱泥)
Capacity: 150 mL
Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.75 x 6.75 cm
Weight: 180g

*This is a handmade product. There may be minor variations between the product images and the product you receive.

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