Zhi Ye Handmade White Ceramic Cup

110 mL

A Zhi Ye handmade white ceramic cup with striking brown patterning in the thick glaze, created by an unusual ceramics technique that generates unique patterns.


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This Zhi Ye handmade white ceramic cup is made by the famous porcelain producers in Jing De Zhen City in Jiangxi Province. Each unique pattern is created by purposefully pressing irregular shapes into the underlying clay. When the cup is fired, the way the thick glaze drips over the uneven surface of the clay creates the faintly indented rich brown lines of the pattern. In between the lines, the pale gray-white background color of the glaze has a silken-smooth matte finish. Developing ceramics with this highly unusual glaze effect requires a kiln that uses a natural wood fire and ashes. The cup’s weight and fine texture make each one a distinguished piece of functional art with its own unique design. As such, some have a more interconnected, netlike pattern, while others have sparser lines that resemble plant roots or branched lightning.

The original technique used to make this type of ceramics was at one point lost in China where it originated. However, the knowledge migrated and was preserved in Japan. Eventually, porcelain makers brought the methods back to China, where it has become popular once again. That is why today, these ceramics are called Zhi Ye after the famous Japanese porcelain maker of the same name who loved to create pieces in this style. Zhi Ye porcelain is popular for pieces known as Ge Ren Bei – a special favorite personal cup that is distinctive and unique.