Oolong Tea Fans Rejoice: 2007 Dan Cong, Taiwan and Anxi Oolong are here!

This summer has been a lovely adventure coming on board with Seven Cups just in time for the arrival of our 2007 Dan Cong, Taiwan and Anxi Oolong teas. Austin’s recent trip to China and Taiwan has expanded our already wide catalog to include 5 new Taiwan high altitude oolongs and 2 new Dan Cong oolongs. Of course the first suggestion I made (quite selfishly) was weekly staff tea tastings to better appreciate the quality and complexity of our new teas. Now everyone has different taste preferences so please check out the tea descriptions to find what works for you, but here are my favorites.

Best for Oolong for Green Tea Drinkers
: tie Jin Xuan/Si Ji Oolong “Four Seasons”
These relatively new teas have a bright clean green color, mild taste and pure fragrance.

Best Rock Oolong that’s not a Rock Oolong:
Tong Fang Mei Ren “Oriental Beauty” The bushes for this tea come from the original rock oolong bushes from Wuyi but grown in Taiwan they carry a milder taste. The honey color and complex aftertaste set it apart from our other Taiwan oolongs.

Most Unique Experience: Ye Fang “Wild Bush” The strong flavor represents the preferences of the Chaozhou people. This tea has a dark golden color and a rich heavy flavor. A true adventure. Short brewing time (45 seconds) was a must for me.

Most Consistent from 2006-2007 : Huang Zhi Xiang Yellow Sprig
Fans of this lightly oxidized tea will not be disappointed.

Best Upgrade from 2006-2007:
Xui Nan Xiang Snow Orchid
The rich fresh fruit aroma and flavor covers the whole mouth.

Gold Medal: Jin Jiang Mi Lan Xiang Gold Medal Honey Orchid
This is my personal favorite with its smooth consistent flavor and gentle aftertaste. It has a sweet fruity aroma, mild flavor, increased amino acids and decreased caffeine. Can’t ask for more. Please note this tea improves with many infusions.

Okay. So those are my humble opinions and I didn’t even get to talk about other favorites like Gao Shan Cha and Long Wu. Anyway, it’s your turn to try and let us know what you think.

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