Kiln Change Green Ceramic Pitcher

210 mL

A green ceramic pitcher made in the Yao Bian “kiln change” style, where the temperature of the kiln is adjusted during firing to achieve a color gradient.


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This green ceramic pitcher is made in the Yao Bian “kiln change” style, which was very popular in the Song Dynasty. This technique involves changing the temperature of the kiln during firing, in order to adjust the rate at which glaze slowly drips down the sides and create a color gradient effect from top to bottom. This requires a high level of ceramic making skill.

The pitcher’s subtle warm green glaze fades from top to bottom into a dark background. Yao Bian style teaware is typically very dark in color, as it was originally popular as a style for matcha bowls, and the dark glaze highlighted the light green matcha froth.

This pitcher is part of the matching set which includes the Kiln Change Green Gaiwan and Kiln Change Green Ceramic Cup, sold separately.