Peach Carved Solid Rosewood Tea Tray

A peach carved solid rosewood tea tray. Carved from a single piece of rich red solid rosewood. Comes with removable tube for draining into a reservoir.


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This peach carved solid rosewood tea tray makes for distinguished and elegant tea service. The tray is carved from a single smooth piece of rich red rosewood. A relief carving of a fruiting peach branch adorns one side. While the perimeters of the tray are slightly raised in relief, the depression in the center directs water to flow toward the drain at one end. The tray comes equipped with a removable tube for draining into another reservoir. This is ideal for daily tea brewing, or for service with yixing clay tea pots, where water often runs down the outside of the pot. An excellent choice for the tea enthusiast who desires a beautiful and functional tea tray for service and display. Dimensions: 52.5 x 30 x 5.5 cm.