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Year of the Dog

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a change to write anything here. The holiday season has been a busy one. The new year is coming and in a Chinese/American family like ours, the holiday season gets extended for another 6 weeks. This coming year is the Year of the Dog, and the… // MORE

Puer Question and Answer

This was a question that was posted as a comment that I thought deserved to be elevated to a post. Puer is a hot topic and pretty controversial because of the wide variation in price and amounts of money some Chinese and Japanese collectors are willing to pay, mysterious even mystical qualities ascribed to puer… // MORE

Response of the Week – August 5

Is it important to cover the brewing leaves with a lid while infusing? Covering non-herbal, true tea is a matter of choice. Keeping the tea covered maintains a higher brewing temperature. So, if you are using relatively cool water to brew green tea you may want to keep the vessel covered. I sometimes make the… // MORE

Response of the Week – July 15th

As if Friday weren’t exciting enough for office-bound tea drinkers on the 9 to 5 worldwide! I will be posting an excerpt from one of our more informative email responses. This way our readers can get easy insight into the answers to questions that tea drinkers just like you have posed. So, please draw yourself… // MORE