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Tempest over tea: What is the true Puer?

Seven Cups is gearing up for another trip to Yunnan. The article “Tempest over tea: What is the true Puer?” from the China daily seems especially relevant. It talks about the first fallout from China’s new tea export laws.  We’re sure this is the beginning of many controversies to come since China is trying to… // MORE

China Beefs Up Its Tea Export Laws Providing Seven Cups a Unique Position

The Chinese government in 2008 drastically changed the export laws related to tea in order to avert any more scandals related to contaminated food products. One American company, Seven Cups in Tucson, Arizona is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the new Chinese export laws. Seven Cups is the first tea company in America to obtain its own Chinese trading license.

Green Tea Tour, Oolong Tea Tour, Puer Tea Tour

This year, due to long, persistent, and persuasive requests from our friends, customers, and tea producers, Zhuping and I have decided to take some tea crazies to China with us. Zhuping will lead the green tea tour and the oolong tea tour in the early and late spring, and I will lead a tour to… // MORE

Puer bubble bursts, again?

Wow, this story is almost a year and a half late. The crash came in the summer of 2007. The crash has been a good thing for everyone except for the tea merchants and puer speculators in Hong Kong and Taiwan, that hoped to get rich fast from puer, much like mortgage brokers and investment… // MORE

Seven Cups Putting Tea on the Map – WildLife!

Thanks to the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat for the nice review…a traditional tea house with free Wifi? Absolutely! Seven Cups is a cozy, traditional Chinese tea house where you can sit down for a cup of tea or just buy some to take home. It’s good for people who turn up their noses at… // MORE

Best of Tucson 4th Year Running

We have won “Best Of Tucson” in two categories for the fourth year in a row.  It is a great honor for us. Even though we sell tea in 35 countries and have been recognized multiple times in China this year, there is nothing like being appreciated in your home town. Thanks, Tucson! Best Tea… // MORE

News From China

I’m writing from our recently opened office in Changxing, in Zhejiang. Changxing just a short drive away from Guzhu Mountain where Luyu supervised tea production for the Tang emperor, while he composed the first book about tea, while he lived and died in nearby Huzhou. This area is very old in relationship to the growth… // MORE

For Lu Yu, Tea, a Monumental Museum

Many of you have heard about Lu Yu, the man that wrote the Cha Jing, the first book about tea, written during the Tang Dynasty. Some of you may know that he wrote the book while managing the emperor’s tribute tea factory, which was located near the city of Changqing in China’s Zhejiang province. It… // MORE

Difficulties in the Puer Market

I know some of you are aware of the volatility in the puer market, and I would just like to share with you my experiences on my last trip to China. I spend a lot of time in China and also a lot of time in Yunnan. As I travel around the tea producing provinces… // MORE

Dangerous Tea in The Taiwan Tea Supply

Farmers demand block on Vietnam tea Lawmakers, tea farmers and activists called for a suspension of tea imports from Vietnam, after the Department of Health discovered residue of a banned pesticide in Vietnamese leaf tea imports earlier this month. The department found more than 0.09ppm of dicofol, a pesticide prohibited from use on tea plants,… // MORE

The bubble bursts for Pu’er tea

The bubble bursts for Pu’er tea “Since the beginning of this year, the price of Pu’er has soared, reaching its peak in May at 20 times higher than last year’s price. In terms of returns, Pu’er is a better investment than stocks or gold, isn’t it?” a tea collector in Guangzhou said. “In the first… // MORE

Puer City Earthquake (Update)

I visited the quake site on the 19th of June. We saw the tent city sheltering the 5000 people left homeless from the quake. The majority had lived in buildings that had sustained some damage and had been condemned. Some houses were destroyed typically from the roofs collapsing. It was estimated that it would take… // MORE

Earthquake in Puer City

 I am writing this from Hangzhou, and I will be visiting Puer City in about a week and a half, so I will get a better picture of the real impact of the earthquake. I called around Yunnan and the story that I received was less dramatic than the tone of what was reported in… // MORE

Puer Cake Goes Back Home to Visit Family

Not any cake, but the hundred year old Golden Melon Tribute Cake given to the last of the Qing Emperor and certainly the most famous, and the most taken about puer cake in China. This year it returned to Yunnan on a museum tour. This year the priceless tea was sampled for the first time.… // MORE

Switch to Organic Crops Could Help Poor

Chinese Organic Tea This story is doesn’t mention tea, but  it is still meaningful in relationship to Chinese organic tea. We completely believe that future for farmers worldwide is organic farming and a return outside of China to the small highly skilled farmer, growing organic crops. There are many layers of irony here. As Americans,… // MORE

Survey Winners

We are happy to announce the winners for our survey participation gift certificates. The winners were Eric Banister and Gerry Seifert. (They gave us permission to use their names.) We received such a good response, that we decided to award two $50 gift certificates. The winners were randomly pick. There were a lot of people… // MORE

Don’t be fooled by ‘fake’ Longjing

Yes, don’t be fooled. (Click on the article below) Perhaps you should know a little bit more to prevent that from happening, and just what fake means, because this is a very complicated issue. So what makes Longjing real Longjing? There is a broader definition generally accepted than the article implies, as it is defined… // MORE

Tea Weather Update…

I’m writing from Huangshan in Anhui province and the weather here for the last two days has been great, and tea is being harvested now that the weather has warmed again and the sun has broken through. The high-end tea crop was damaged a little bit by the unseasonably warm weather in February followed by… // MORE

Spring 2006 in Northern Zhejiang

I just want to throw a little blurp in here about the early green tea harvest. It is shaping up to be a great year this year. Despite early warming followed by a dramatic cold snap, this year will have a robust harvest of early spring tea. Last year and the year before were just… // MORE

Global Warming Buzz and New Tea

SPRING TEA ARRIVES EARLY! Zhuping has been in China since a couple of days before Chinese New Year and I will be going next week. There has been a very warm winter this year and an early spring. In Sichuan where the first tea of the year is harvested the news is not good for… // MORE

The Hot Puer Market

As I browse the talk these days on the internet, the tea that I see discussed more than any other is puer. For a tea that was virtually unknown outside of China five years ago, I think that is pretty remarkable. Actually, prior to 2002, puer was not very well known inside of China either.… // MORE

Seven Cups 2.0 is online

After a year’s worth of work, our newly designed web-site is on-line! Please come and take a look. To celebrate the site being up and Chinese New Year, we have put our whole catalog on sale. We are a long way from being finished with our site. We are still rewriting most of it. We… // MORE