Cattle Bell Yixing Clay Pot

180 mL

A simply designed dark red yixing clay pot that recalls the pastoral image of a cattle bell. The wide lid accommodates large leaf teas easily.


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The simple shape of this tea pot recalls the pastoral image of a cattle bell. The wide design of the lid, known as niu gai 牛盖 or “cow lid,” accommodates loose-leaf teas with large leaves, such as the long, delicate strips of wulong teas. The simple arch of the lid handle preserves the pot’s smooth outline. The unpatterned dark red clay puts the skilled craftsmanship of the pot on display with little room for error. Capacity 180mL.

About Yixing Clay

Yixing clay comes from Yixing County in Jiangsu Province. This type of clay is prized for its high levels of iron. Many variants of yixing clay with different characters are sourced from different-colored layers in the soil. Natural colors include various shades and gradients of red, yellow, and purple-brown.

Like all of our yixing clay products, this pot is unglazed. The natural clay remains its original color. Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily, so just rinse it off with boiling water instead of washing with soap.