Dragon and Fish Red Yixing Clay Cup

110 mL

This dragon and fish red yixing clay cup depicts the Chinese legend of a small fish who became a dragon. The cup is made from red Hong Ni yixing clay.


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This dragon and fish red yixing clay cup has a small fish and one side and a dragon on the other, framed by textured clouds. This represents the old Chinese legend of a small goldfish or koi fish who turned into a dragon. This design is called Yu Hua Long, or “fish change to dragon.”

Once a little fish wanted to become successful, and learned that if they could jump over a tall waterfall known as the Dragon’s Gate, they would become a dragon. For many years, the fish worked very hard to practice jumping, until finally they succeeded in leaping over the falls. Then, fish was transformed into a great dragon who could help carry rain to the farmers’ fields during harvest season. The fish side of the cup depicts the fish with a dragon’s long whiskers, just beginning to transform. The fish is playing with a small circle representing the sun. This refers to the dragon’s mythical ability to control the weather by playing with the sun, causing it to be hidden in cloud or exposed and shining. This legend often symbolizes hope, both for success and for good fortune such as rain for crops.

This cup is made from red Hong Ni yixing clay. Its rounded shape and raised pattern make it easy to hold.

Like all of our yixing clay products, this cup is unglazed. The natural clay remains its original color. Yixing clay absorbs aromas easily, so just rinse it off with boiling water instead of washing with soap.