Where did wulong tea come from? Where is it going?
The Two (or Three) Silver Needles
Black Teas of the East.
The Ruby Star of Yunnan
The sweet cold: In celebration of a long winter.
Recommendations from the heart: Staff favorites from 2022 (Part 1)
Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Rabbit
Two teas from two Living Treasures: A lineage of mastery in Wuyishan.
The Personal Touch: Two tea makers and the rock wulong they make.
The Gift: All this year and the next.
It’s time to take a pause.
Lion Food (Oranges, Cabbage, and Red Envelopes) for the Grand Opening
Black teas from the early origins: Three classics in top form.
20 years old and still green.
Flowers from Exile: Dan Cong Wulong
How do you learn the difference between tea terroir, plant variety and processes?
The Favorite Daughters of Sichuan
Yixing and Yancha: A Natural Pair
Puer tea in your luggage, cellar, or teapot.
The Big Heat: White tea, tall grass, meadow shade.
The great teas of Wuyishan and their gaiwan best friend.
All black tea considered…
How to Cold Brew Loose-leaf Black Tea for Summer
Making tea is not a test.
A Yellow Tea for those in the know.
Spring still sings: Anji Baicha and Anji Hong
Fresh summer peaches and good black tea.
Strange Days, Strange Teas
The Tiny and The Strong
Single buds from two origins.
Even more spring tea just in time for Mother’s Day.
Spring tea (at last.)
Scented teas for people who don’t like scented tea.
18 years ago, our teahouse opened its doors.
A new micro-lot from Yiwu and new developments in the spring harvest.
Humans and tea go way back. Sip a few millenia of flavors.
A new shu puer with the timbre of the Jingmai woods.
Teas from generational divide (and unity): The Zhang family’s Anxi wulong
Shu Puer: The masterpieces of the tea mycologist.
In the grasp of your nose: The wulong teas of Liu Dexi
Meet Sweet Vermilion black tea from Tongmu.
What is the oldest style of pan-fired tea in the world?
Flowers and cakes – of tea.
A Tiny Lot of Something New: Young Sheng and Old Sheng
Happy Chinese New Year from Seven Cups
The Founders’ Favorites of 2021
Teahouse Team Favorite Teas of 2021
Warehouse Staff Favorite Teas from 2021
To a new year, new tea, and old friendships.
Everything it takes to bring you tea.
The last new micro-lot of the year is something colorful and different.
Chasing persistent excellence: 2021 Rock Wulong is here.
Puer tea from way off the beaten path
Two Zhejiang teas, 20 years of memories.
Where is your tea? It’s on the way right now.
Infusion of Contradictions: Get to know Yunnan’s black tea and its heroes
Who wrote the book on Rock Wulong?
Who plucks the best tea in China? Two exacting teas from the tea plucker’s homeland.
Jasmine, Puer, and memory: Remembering the life and friendship of Luo Shaojun.
Your (tea) flight is boarding. Introducing a new subscription service from Seven Cups.
You’re alive during the golden age.
Can you taste a tea’s origin? Silver Needle, Jasmine Pearls, and the local tofu.
Make good tea. Keep a cool head.
Have you experienced true yellow tea? Even for us, it’s hard to find.
What does it take to make the best Longjing tea?
Where were you 20 years ago? The modern journey of puer tea.
Meet Tongmu’s newest oldest black tea maker.
What green tea isn’t green? A micro-lot from a family that returned to tea.
Where is the hardest place to source tea in China?
Missing our Friday tea tastings? Us too.
How does a whole mountain fit into a humble green tea?
A toast to the hard work of wulong tea.
Where would you go for love?
Meet the white leaf that launched Anji into the limelight.
Yellow tea and a micro-lot three generations in the making.
Getting weird with Tai Ping Houkui and Lu’an Gua Pian
Have you met Purple Bamboo and The Grandma Squad?
What spring tea are you dreaming of?
Have you tasted the real Junshan Yinzhen? Meet the rare yellow needle tea.
Why are we discounting the freshest tea in North America?
Meet the tea that started it all: Longjing green tea.
Remembering the father of Big Red Robe: One tea master’s lasting impact on the world of rock wulong.
Time for a haircut? Spring rain heralds the new harvest.
Spring is waking up. Can you hear it?
Teahouse Blues
How Chinese Black Tea Conquered the World (and then China)
How do Heirloom Tea Cultivars Affect the Price of Tea?
Spring Harvest 2020: Holding to Core Values in an Uncertain World
The Complex Identity of Yue Guang Bai “White Moonlight”
What’s So Special About Aged Tea?
Trade War, Tariffs, and Tea
The East is Red: China’s Red (Black) Tea Renaissance
2019: A Bad Year for Puer Tea
Spring Teas Arrive In The Desert
How To Stay Alive in the Specialty Tea Business
The Tea Tour Moves Through Yunnan
How Are Puer Cakes Made?
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Can I Judge the Quality of My Tea by Taste Alone?
What Does the Aroma of My Tea Say About Its Quality?
What Does the Color of My Tea Say About Its Quality?
Why Does the Moisture Content of My Tea Leaves Matter?
How Does the Way Tea Is Processed Impact Its Quality?
How Does the Tea Maker Impact My Tea’s Quality?
What Do the Genes of a Tea Bush Say About Quality Tea?
How Does the Timing of a Harvest Impact a Tea’s Quality?
How Does Origin Contribute to the Authentication of Tea?
How Do the Plucking Standard and the Uniform Length of Tea Leaves Impact the Quality of a Tea?
How Does the Condition of the Leaf Impact My Tea’s Quality?
Quality Standards for Specialty Tea | Part One
Quality Tea | Achieving Assam’s Full Potential in Tea
A Brief Outline of Standards for Specialty Tea
Giving Meaning to the Term Specialty Tea
A Short and Handy Guide to Wulong Processing
Venture Capitalist Kevin Rose Adds Seven Cups Tea to Holiday Gift Boxes
A Call for Standards for Specialty Tea
The “Raw” Appeal of Puer Tea
The Radical Tea For the Anti-Establishment
Field Notes – Wuyishan Wulong II
The Price of Long Jing
Field Notes – Wuyishan Wulong I
Recipe – Zesty Orange Doughnuts with Black Tea Cream
Charles Grey, Earl Grey – A Peculiar Tale of Black Tea
The Niche of Yellow Tea
How Tea is Consumed in Some Other Parts of China
I’m pleased to be here writing about tea!
My Tea Blog is Ten Years Old
The Remarkable Beginning of Black Tea
Tea Trends 2013
Lucky to be in the tea business
Tea, Pesticides, and The Sustainable Future
Starbucks buying Teavana will lead to better quality tea
Greenpeace and the Safety of Chinese tea
Transparency In The Tea Industry
Travel + Leisure Names Seven Cups One of Six Best Places to Drink Tea in America
Chinese Tea Trends in the Market
Choosing Sheng Puer Cakes
The Basics of Brewing Loose Leaf Tea
Are Cast Iron Pots Really Useful for Brewing Tea?
The Facts You May Not Know About Fair Trade Practices
Yunnan Black Tea and the Middle East
Plagiarism and Tea Ecommerce
Leadership in the tea industry?
Why am I writing this blog?
Jinggu, Cha Ma Shi Factory, and Old Puer City
Jingmai, Shui Alcohol, and a Princess
Loud Insects and an Eight Hundred Year Old Tree
A Cafe in Dali
Making Puer Tea Cakes, Enjoying Cha Guo, and Dai Minority Restaurants
Dealing with Tea Plant Myths
The 11th Puer Tea Conference
Wuyi Shan National Park & the Rare Bai Ji Guan
Huangshan and a World Tea Conference
Hangzhou’s Claim to Famous Tea
The Seven Cups Tea Tour Becomes Local News
Anji County & Deep Fried Larvae
Lu Yu Tribute Tea Factory Museum & Yixing Pottery Museum
Buying Gu Zhu Zi Sun
Lincang County Yunnan Black Tea
First stop to get to 2011 black tea crop
Qing Ming Festival | Honoring the Ancestors
Late Tea Harvest Musings
Brewing tea for hardcore tea drinkers
2011 Tea Trends: Seven Cups makes a major shift
The Canadian Tea Guild and Single-Origin Chocolate Pairings
New Year’s Musings on Tea
Dahongpao, A New Chinese Tea Bubble?
Cold Winters, Floods, and the Price of Tea
2 Years, Too Much: Perspectives on the U.S. Tea Industry
A Game Changing Book About Tea
Gu Zhu Zi Sun (Purple Bamboo Shoot)
Early Spring Green Tea Arrivals
Harvest in Anji in Early April 2010 Bai Cha
Huangshan & the Invention of Display Teas
Before the Harvest in Hangzhou
The Ancient Town Nanxun
Mo Gan Shan & Rare Female Tea Makers
Jiangsu Province, famed Bi Luo Chun, & Dong Ting Mountain
Song Dynasty, Anji Bai Cha, & Song Hui Zhong
Silk Origins & Golden Ages
Famous Tea Master Mr. Liu Explains How Wu Yi Rock Wulong is Made
The Safety of Chinese Teas
An Update on Fair Trade in Tea in China
Soon, Bloggers Must Give Full Disclosure
Interviews on Rock Wulong Production
Bai Ji Guan – One of the Four Famous Rock Wulongs
Anji Bai Cha – Famous Since the Tang dynasty
Gu Zhu Zi Sun and Our Visit to Tang Dynasty’s Tribute Factory
Zhuni Pots & A 4th Generation Chaozhou Potter
Tempest over tea: What is the true Puer?
Shi Feng Long Jing – Dragon Well country
Seven Cups Owner Awarded by Chinese International Tea Culture Institute
China’s Tea Regions-Video Podcast
EMBARGO: In Once-booming Tea Region, a Bitter Reality – International Herald Tribune
National Standard of Puer Tea Put into Practice
Midtown Tucson Shop Sells China’s Finest, Which Isn’t Always Easy to Find
Article by Karen Attwood of The National Newspaper
Economic Times Reports on Darjeeling Tea Joining EU
News From China
Bi Luo Chun (Spring Green Spiral)
The Jun Shan Yin Zhen Yellow Tea Podcast with Zhuping | Part Two
The Jun Shan Yin Zhen Yellow Tea Podcast with Zhuping | Part One
The Business of Tea | How Seven Cups Buys Their Tea
Gong Fu Tea Ceremony with Keiko
History of Matcha | How to Make Matcha
Dan Cong Oolong
All About Black Tea
All About Puer Tea Part II
All About Puer Tea
How to Brew Tea with Different Types of Teaware
Scented Tea Video Podcast
How to Brew Your Tea Using a Gaiwan
The Hindu Writes on the Assam Government Taking Measures Against Tea Estates
For Lu Yu, Tea, a Monumental Museum
Difficulties in the Puer Market
Dangerous Tea in The Taiwan Tea Supply
General Information on Wu Yi Shan Rock Wulong
The Bubble Bursts for Pu’er Tea
Puer City Earthquake (Update)
Earthquake in Puer City
Puer Cake Goes Back Home to Visit Family
Switch to Organic Crops Could Help Poor
Don’t be fooled by ‘fake’ Longjing tea
Tea Weather Update…
Global Warming Buzz and New Tea
The Hot Puer Market
BBC NEWS | Health | Cup of Tea May Help Boost Memory
On Contaminates & Pesticides in Tea
Green Tea and the Asian Paradox
The Tea Industry Tries to Define White Tea
Fair Trade?
Tata Coffee plans `Plantation Trails`
Green Tea, Computers, Environmental Engineering
Sad News From Wuyi Shan
Japanese Companies Shake Up Chinese Wulong Tea Industry
Indian Financial Express Looks At Chinese Teahouses
Steep Profits in Tea Collecting Across China
The FDA, Green tea, Cancer
An Answer to a Question About Puer
Assam’s people suffering under the yoke of tea
National Museum Collects Pieces of Beijing “bowl tea” House
A Response to an Email
Return of Tea-zilla


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Yinhao Longzhu (Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls) 2021
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Youle Huangshancha (Youle Forest Tea) 2022
Youle Xiaoshu (Youle Young Tree)
Yu Lan Xiang (Magnolia) 2021
Yu Lan Xiang (Magnolia) 2022
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Yu Qian Anji Baicha (Spring Rain Harvest Anji) 2021
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Yue Guang Bai (White Moonlight) 2022
Yun Wu (Clouds and Mist)
Zao Xiang (Date Fragrance)
Zao Xiang Fangzhuan (Jujube) 2000
Zhongguo Hong (China Red)
Zi Ya (Purple Buds) 2021
Zi Ye Shu (Purple Leaf Shu Puer) 2011
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Zui Qun Fang (Drunken Peach)